My Apprenticeship - Thursday, July 22, 2004

22 Jul 2004

In the summer of 2009 I revisited my 2004 summer apprenticeship at Object Mentor. What follows is the original 2004 post and then some 2009 commentary.

Finished up the patterns class today and I have to say that David did a pretty good job. With new material, not much teaching experience, and Paul and I firing questions at him he was able to get through the class rather easily. Sure there were some confusing slides and weird-ball patterns, but the cool thing about OM giving him this week to flesh out the course is that he can make note of the problems and then talk to Micah or Bob to straighten things out. Next week he does it for real with paying customers and I think he’ll do fine. I, however, need to write more code. This Word Press/Linux/MySQL/Apache/PHP adventure I’ve been on has been very informative but sorely lacking in full-on coding. I need to remember to ask Micah (or Bob, or David, or Paul) for some advice on a side project to make me a better programmer. If any of you are reading this and feel like emailing me an idea, feel free. Life without cool little software projects is less fun.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading up to Michigan to see my folks and hang out at the cottage. There are some pictures of my last trip here.

The cool little side project from Micah will turn out to be not so little.