Windows vs OSX vs Ubuntu for Ruby/Rails Development

29 Mar 2007

When I first started working with Rails, I had a windows laptop and so that’s where I worked. Later I got on two different Rails projects that used OSX (on Mac minis). Now I’m using Kubuntu. I thought I’d take a minute to compare them all.

I’m not going to mince words here – try to avoid developing in Windows if at all possible for these reasons:

If money is no object go for a Mac:

If you think Mac’s are overpriced, then go with Ubuntu (or some other linux distro).

Really the choice between OSX and Linux is mostly the choice between TextMate and IntelliJ (or Eclipse/RadRails). And, for now, I think TextMate has a slight edge. TextMate’s auto complete is a joy to work with while IntelliJ’s indexing makes for crazy fast searching. In fact once IntelliJ gets a bit better (don’t let me down Jet Brains – help a brother out with some autocomplete (and maybe some refactoring support)) then it’s just a choice between a really slick operating system and merely a functional one.