Beware Tomcat5.5 in Feisty Fawn

01 May 2007

I moved to the newest version of Ubuntu over the weekend: Feisty Fawn. I was having troubles getting my wireless working (Intel PRO/Wireless 3945) and I had heard it works in Feisty. The upgrade, um, took out my system. Yep. Everything was chugging along just fine until it tried to upgrade Tomcat and then I got a cryptic error message saying the update had failed and I should email them. No real indication of what to do next. So I tried to get the upgrade running again, but I’m not savvy enough with the Linux. Tried to restart the machine… Big mistake. Not so much with the booting. So I had to wipe that partition and reinstall. I didn’t lose anything except time.

Then today when I was setting up my machine I couldn’t get Tomcat5.5 to work (we use SOLR which uses Tomcat behind the scenes for fast searching). Lost more time trying to figure out what was wrong. Finally I thought maybe Aptitude’s version was bad, so I removed it and got Tomcat straight from Apache. Everything works fine now. So if you’re moving from Edgy to Feisty, maybe should remove Tomcat from the package management before upgrading.

Good news is that my wireless works now. Long way to go, however.