What's a Good Flog Score?

21 Aug 2008

I’ve been using Flog to measure the complexity of my Ruby code and I was wondering how others interpret Flog numbers. I’ll go first with my opinions:

Score of Means
0-10 Awesome
11-20 Good enough
21-40 Might need refactoring
41-60 Possible to justify
61-100 Danger
100-200 Whoop, whoop, whoop
200 + Someone please think of the children

(note: these are scores for an individual method)

The 20 - 60 range is interesting to me. Sometimes the complexity of what you’re doing will justify the score and other times the method is in desperate need of refactoring.

The highest Flog score I’ve seen in the wild was in the 300’s. What’s you’re personal high and what do you think of my rankings?

In other news, I’ve redesigned the look of my blog so if you only see my post through a reader you might want to stop on by, take a look, and tell me what you think.