Training Day at Lone Star Ruby Conf

05 Sep 2008

First, I’d to extend a big thanks to Joe and Jim for giving me a ride to the conference today.

The two tutorials I decided to attend today were:
“The Advanced ActiveRecord Workshop” with Gregg Pollack & Jason Seifer (the Rails Envy Guys) and “The Ins and Outs of Ruby I/O” with James Edward Gray II and Gregory Brown. Both of which were excellent.

The Advanced ActiveRecord Workshop covered:

I was really impressed by the smoothness of their presentation. It was a great balance of funny/informative/challenges. The challenges were a good way to make the audience think about what had just been presented. If I had one criticism it would be that the later challenges seemed too hard for the time allowed. I found that if I made one stupid mistake (which I then had to track down) I would not finish by the time they gave out the answers. I suspect they were rushing to finish on time. Overall it was great stuff and they say that this talk was an elongated version of their recent EnvyCast on ActiveRecord so I would say that it is definitely worth your 9 bucks.

The Ins and Outs of Ruby I/O was also very informative. Since Ruby has such easy file IO it’s easy to forget about the underlining structures and the problems that can crop up. Topics include:

The talk was being video taped so I assume it will show up on confreaks which, btw, is my new favorite site. You can see the whole freakin Ruby Hoedown on there. And you really should check out Rick Bradley’s “flog «” talk. He takes Flog, forks it into a new project called Flame, puts it under spec, and refactors it to be less complex (nice bit O’ irony there).

Later we had some excellent Bar-B-Q at Rudy’s and discussed how the hell the Ruby world is going to migrate from 1.8.x to 1.9. We had no good solutions. The Bar-B-Q was excellent, however, so we left in good spirits.

Tomorrow I’ll be speaking at 1:30 on “Using Metrics to Take a Hard Look at Your Code” so I’m pretty excited as this will be the first mass presentation of this talk and I think its turned out nicely.