Announcing the Metric Fu Google Group

28 Apr 2009

I really should have done this a long time ago, but you know how it goes.

Anyway, if you’re using metric_fu and have a question or want to discuss it’s direction/development you can now here:

There’s some big changes on the horizon for metric_fu – If you want to get a preview, head over to github and take a look at the to_yaml branch of metric_fu. I’ve been pulling in Grant McInnes changes to be able to serialize the output of all the metrics. This means that there will be a yaml file created after each run which can be used by other projects. A number of people have asked for this feature so they can do analysis of their metric data.

However, this will probably break some uses of MetricFu as it is an almost complete re-write. What’s cool about this branch (besides the output) is that almost nothing is in rakefiles anymore and so is more easily testable. If you use metric_fu and have an opinion on this, or anything else, join the group and make yourself heard.