The Road to Ruby Midwest

16 Jul 2010

Crazy day:
It was the day before Ruby Midwest so I gave my ‘Speedy Tests’ talk to my workmates at Backstop Solutions during lunch today and they had the nerve to find some things wrong with it – so I’ll be doing some re-tooling before Saturday. Then I was all set to leave 2 hours early for the airport when my manager wants to talk about me helping QA understand our process, new features, and maybe get some automated tests running. Hell to the yeah. So I’m all over this opportunity but our conversation makes me leave the office a bit late to catch my flight. No problem, I build in a lot of buffer. Then the Blue line (Chicago’s subway) was down. Uh oh. Some surly dude said there was a free shuttle to somewhere else but I couldn’t find it so I took a cab. Crazy traffic puts me at the airport with 30 min until my flight. Panic! But the security lines are longish so I panic while inching forward in a zig-zag line. Then I sprint to terminal C (which is the farthest away and involves going underground) and find my seat minutes before they close the doors.

The lady next to me wanted to make small talk about how I was out of breath. I did not.

Then when I landed I noticed that all the signs say “KCI” when I’m pretty sure I booked a flight to “MCI” so I had a minor heart attack moment where I thought I flew into the wrong city. But no, it turns out that KCI and MCI are the same. That’s not confusing at all.

But all was well when I made it too the speakers dinner. Very nice of the Ruby Midwest guys to organize such a dinner and pick up the tab. Good conversations with some locals (Shashank, Luke, and Josh), a 37 signals-er (John), and an Edge Case-r (Adam). Looks like the conference is off to a swimming start.