Ruby Kaigi 2010 Day 1

27 Aug 2010

Here I am in Japan at RubyKaigi 2010. Wow. Generally I tweet a lot about the conf live and then publish those tweets here (in italics) and provide slightly more commentary. So lets get it on.

Yep - can you feel the panic in those first couple of tweets? I was totally freaked out. The actual trip turned out to be easy. I met up with Chad Fowler, Yehuda, and Woody at the airport and we took a bus straight to Tsukuba. I went to an exotic foreign land and the first thing I did was take a bus through 100 minutes of strip malls. But I was in Japan. And Yehuda held forth on ‘snowmen’ and encodings for most of the way so that was interesting.

Yehuda Katz Holds Forth on the Bus

So I survived the first day and even had an excellent dinner. It was a bit pricey but worth it. Many thanks to Makoto Inoue for helping organize this get together - it was exactly what I needed.

Donuts are cute at Mr. Donut

Ate second breakfast/lunch at “Mr. Donut” which is really nice here in Japan. Of course you can get noodles.

Ah, Charles got to got to the secret Ruby Core meeting so he’s in the know. Actually I could have probably gone too but I wasn’t sure if just anyone was allowed.

It’s the little things that are the most endearing.

We get a lecture on proper use of wifi

First panel

So Leonard was doing the translation from Japanese to English and Matz was doing the translation from English to Japanese which lead the a moment where Matz had to translate Yehuda’s (nice) criticism of Ruby 1.9.

Ah the perils of trying to develop across (real) languages.

She learned a lot of Japanese just for this presentation. Good for her.

Good point - I hadn’t really thought about why wrapping SQL works so well while wrapping Javascript works out so poorly.

Picture a lot of me saying “Excuse me” to people who don’t understand english.

That’s really funny.

Two sessions in a row on encodings. We all feel like we need to know more about encodings. And then we ignore that feeling until it bites us in the ass.

Watching Jugyo talk is always entertaining - I loved his lightning talk at last years Ruby Conf.

@tenderlove 1

That, my friends, is awesome. I can’t compete in shear crazy and acknowledge my superior.

Webrick serving up PHP WordPress. Think about that for a moment.

Hey, I just found out I have an hour time slot when I had thought I was going to present for 30 minutes. I guess the crowd is going to get some bonus metric_fu coverage. As I’m going to present in 4 hours I better go write some more content. Panic!

Oh yeah, go check out my Ruby Kaigi photo set on Flickr: