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When the Snow Melts, Where Does the White Go?

22 Oct 2021

Pairing with Divorce

15 Oct 2021

How to discipline a software developer

24 Aug 2021

At My Last Job They Used to Poke Us with Sharpened Sticks

18 May 2021

Rails Custom Fields or Sure, EAV is an AntiPattern But If You Have To…

05 May 2021

When to Use Metaprogramming

22 Apr 2021

Man, I Wanted an Automated Home

13 Apr 2021

Software is a Conversation Scattered Over Time in a Truly Foreign Language

06 Apr 2021

Single-Responsibility Principle is Fractal

30 Mar 2021

Random Ports, Read Only Containers, Alpine, etc. Should Happen After Your Container Works

20 Mar 2021